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Shiatsu (Meaning “finger pressure” in Japanese.) is an application of Traditional Chinese Medicine and evolves from a culture of holistic Japanese Bodywork. Shiatsu uses hand pressure and body manipulation techniques to restore, maintain and perpetuate the body’s natural energetic balance. And through this energetically balanced state the individual not only can realize physical balance, but spiritual, emotional and intellectual balance. Once in the homeostatic state an individual can reach their full potential. Shiatsu offers clients a healing therapy that is both relaxing and medically therapeutic without the use of needles.

A typical Shiatsu treatment is performed fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat. The start of every Shiatsu treatment involves a verbal and physical assessment followed by an energetic assessment (light abdominal palpation). Based on this assessment, meridian (energy channel) palpation and body manipulation techniques are applied in both the supine (face up) and prone (face down) postures. Each treatment takes about an hour. Please wear loose natural fiber clothing.

Treatments are by appointment only. Please contact Sensei Jones today at 524-4780 or

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